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     It was a brilliant job from Camden Town Carpet Cleaning. Their hardworking house cleaners delivered fantastic results, did more than could be asked of them.
R. Kerrigan19/05/2020
      Carpet Cleaner Camden Town is one of the most affordable cleaning services. They clean my flat twice a week and it always looks lovely.
Nicole D.19/09/2019
     For ages, I have used things I could get hold of from the supermarket, to absolutely no avail. My carpets still had stains in them, and looked incredibly filthy. My husband suggested we looked into professional cleaners and I wish we had found these guys at Carpet Cleaner Camden Town, earlier. Their rates are so economical and I am so impressed!
Candy H.01/12/2015
     For over a year, I had stains in my oven. They probably occurred when I was cooking something and I could never fully remove them. I scrubbed with a cloth, I tried detergents and the stains still wouldn't budge. I called up Carpet Cleaner Camden Town to see if they could do anything for me, or at least give me advice. I soon found myself hiring a cleaning team to come to my house and they quickly banished the stains. I don't know how they did it but I have to rate them 10/10 for defeating the blemishes I couldn't get rid of.
Amelia C.27/05/2015
     My house smells fresh and clean every time Camden Town Carpet Cleaning visits it for the weekly cleaning. The people who have been attending to the house chores over the past one month are professional in their approach to the work and take into consideration any suggestion I make. I admire their attention to detail. Thank you for providing such an amazing domestic cleaning service.
Jess Martin08/05/2015
     CamdenTownCarpetCleaners are the best in the business when it comes to getting stains out of the sofa covers. I have had them round twice recently, as we have recently welcomed a baby boy in to our family, and he has certainly done his best to make a mess of our favorite sofa. Luckily, the cleaners are great at removing the stains without tarnishing the covers themselves, which makes all the difference in the long run. I am delighted to have found them, and will certainly be using them in the future, at least if my son carries on as he has been!
Brian Brown31/07/2014
     My family were struggling with money for a while so I both my wife and I had to take up second jobs. We had no time to manage the house and everyone was doing their part to make everyday life run as smoothly as possible. Our kids helped each other get ready and make pack lunches but no one had time for the cleaning. I called CamdenTownCarpetCleaners because they had prices that suited us really well and the quality of the cleaning was really good as well. I'm very impressed with everything our cleaner has done.
Victor Fawley16/07/2014

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